International Work Experience...Why It's Important For Your Career

Since I just got back from Germany and in the spirit of international travel, it got me to thinking just how important it can be for your career. Especially if you envision yourself as a leader for a global corporation one day. OR even if you’ll be interacting with people from different nationalities as your clients, suppliers, coworkers, managers, or even employees you manage. Learning other cultures especially in the workplace can be very eye-opening and if you’re fortunate enough to spend time working in an office abroad, you’ll quickly realize just how valuable that experience is.

In this podcast, I talk through why international work experience (work, not vacation experience) is so important, why it’s a great resume booster, specifically how it gives you a leg up, and how different “professionals” across different countries can be.

I even share some incredibly embarrassing stories about a few different work trips abroad. Dear lord, don’t judge me.

Anyways take a listen and hope you like! And if you have embarrassing “working abroad” stories you’d like to share feel free to comment below! I’ll feel better about myself LOL.

The Most Vivid, Unforgettable Moment When I Changed Careers

Hi All! I’m back this week on the podcast after taking a week off last week since I was a little under the weather. Nobody likes listening to sick people talk. So I spared you. But did I truly take the week off? Hell no! Instead I wrote a blog post for you on my favorite sneakers that you can wear to the office! Go check it out here!

On this week’s podcast, I take you back to that pivotal moment in my career change. Not when I made the decision to make a career change, but the HARDER part on that moment I actually admitted it out loud to people of importance and took my first step in the new direction. THAT my friends, is the hard part for many. It was an unforgettable moment for me and I’m so excited to share it with you here!

Enjoy and if you have any questions or need advice related to this, just comment below and I’m happy to answer for you.

Let the real you shine through from 9 to 5.


The Candidate That Had Me Running Down The Hall...And The Unexpected Phone Call

Welcome back to my second podcast episode, where I’m picking back up on the cliffhanger I left you with from the pilot! Recall the candidate that had me running down the hall in a rush to get her into our office asap?? Here I’ll explain exactly what she said and did that made me do this! It was also my birthday last week, and I’m not sure why, but I didn’t feel as good as I had hoped for. And lastly, the surprise phone call that happened while I was recording this episode! Tune in now to listen!

I Dare You To Possibly Suck At Something New

It's the Pilot Episode of Suits & Sneaks, so appropriately titled, "Daring to Possibly Suck at Something New!"  You ever felt that inkling, where you KNOW you were put on this earth to do something different than the same old routine you've been in for years?  But you just...can't....get yourself to dare to try something new??

This episode clearly spells out how you will know when it's finally the right time for you to make that change, and what exactly you can expect when you get to the other side (from someone who's lived through it!).  Hope you enjoy!