International Work Experience...Why It's Important For Your Career

Since I just got back from Germany and in the spirit of international travel, it got me to thinking just how important it can be for your career. Especially if you envision yourself as a leader for a global corporation one day. OR even if you’ll be interacting with people from different nationalities as your clients, suppliers, coworkers, managers, or even employees you manage. Learning other cultures especially in the workplace can be very eye-opening and if you’re fortunate enough to spend time working in an office abroad, you’ll quickly realize just how valuable that experience is.

In this podcast, I talk through why international work experience (work, not vacation experience) is so important, why it’s a great resume booster, specifically how it gives you a leg up, and how different “professionals” across different countries can be.

I even share some incredibly embarrassing stories about a few different work trips abroad. Dear lord, don’t judge me.

Anyways take a listen and hope you like! And if you have embarrassing “working abroad” stories you’d like to share feel free to comment below! I’ll feel better about myself LOL.