Menswear: Tom Ford Eyeglasses

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Men’s accessories. They’re everything. And we so quickly have fallen for the Warby Parkers and Tom Fords of the world because let’s face it, men’s fashion eyewear has come onto the scene HOT.

Just look at our lovely model for example. This is one of my favorite men’s casual outfits by the way. But look at the way the glasses jive so well with the casual sneaks. And the glasses, quite frankly, really finish off his look.

Are any of you guys rocking the eyeglasses to work on a daily basis? Would you? To help you out, I included my four favorite styles below.

Happy shopping!


Forget Following Fashion Trends, You Do You.

Once upon a time there used to be a season for certain colors and an era for certain styles.


We can look back on the decades of our past and pretty much generalize the fashion trends for each era. 70s were the hippies. 80s was total hair. 90s was cutoffs and hip-hop. 2000s were punk rock and skater boys and babes. And now here we are in 2018, with the onset of social media’s Pinterest and Instagram. Photography and fashion are in full swing.

But here’s one thing I’ve noticed about this new digital world that we’ve all come to love and hate. It’s given us an outlet to express our individual style.

You can scroll through Pinterest and Insta feeds for hours and hit the like button on all different types of fashion. Why? Because the pictures look good. Because the ENTIRE LOOK looks good. You fall in love with the person’s overall style. The clothes, the makeup, the expression, the background, the lighting. Take all of that combined and the fact that a girl is wearing white pants in winter is pretty meaningless because, well, her photo completely ROCKS.

white pants.PNG

Fashion is a massive part of our modern lives, especially since so much of our lives have been shifted towards showing off our looks. And with any industry, some people have such a true passion and love for it that they dedicate their whole lives to it. (Think your major bloggers on Instagram)

Once upon a time we were also taught to dress a certain way for certain circumstances or occasions.


Interviews, weddings, corporate jobs. Shoot, think of the countries where women don’t even have a choice in what they can wear! And while times are changing for the better, the fact remains that if you dress outside what certain people consider “the norm,” you very well might be looked at twice.

career suits

Is that a bad thing though?

And honestly, what does it matter to people what you wear if it’s not hurting anyone?

Well the truth is, it does. Because your style speaks louder than your words. Especially on first glance. But just because people make judgments in a matter of seconds doesn’t mean you can’t tailor a polished look to reflect your individuality.

freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is important for maintaining our identity as individuals. You can still totally do this even if you work a corporate 9 to 5 job by adding your unique favorite trends to a more conservative polished style. I explain exactly how to do this in fashion posts throughout my site. Crazy story but I actually work in a global pharmaceutical company and I can easily think of 4 coworkers that have tattoo sleeves. BUT they balance that with a more polished professional outfit so the whole look is just totally badass! (Side note, if you’re going a tattoo route, be sure to use barrier tattoo gel)

Remember that you should dress according to what you truly like and feel comfortable in, but by also dressing in such a way that makes others comfortable and shines you in the best, most respectful light. This is what Suits & Sneaks is all about! Follow along for loads more tips on getting dressed each day that gains you respect and authority in the workplace, but also lets the real you shine through at the same time.


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How to Save on Corporate Style: Clever Cost Saving Tips

Polished casual styled with Seavees

Polished casual styled with Seavees

If you’re like most, you’re anticipating the arrival of the new year with hopes and dreams to bring out a new and better you. New mindset, new habits, new routines, new goals. Heck, maybe you’re even on a mission to find a new job that you love for 2019. So what better way to package up this NEW YOU than with a fresh, new wardrobe?

Except that, this is the busiest shopping season of the year and you’ve probably already spent a TON of money. (And I’m guessing well beyond your budget?) So, how do you now build a stylish work wardrobe with the little that you have left in the bank?

I’ll give you a hint. The answer is not always to start from scratch. To take the pressure off you a little, here are six ways I typically save on my corporate style.

1. Stick with the simple

I’m a huge fan of basics for two reasons. One, because they never go out of style. You can wear them in different ways forever. And two, because it’s not as noticeable when you repeat a basic piece of clothing as it is when you repeat a flashy or trendy one. (Case in point, I haven’t gone shopping in OVER A YEAR.)

Get these basic pieces for  Men  and  Women

Get these basic pieces for Men and Women

I would even advise being strategic with your COLOR choices and stick with basic colors like black, white, or gray. I know this sounds boring, but remember, this is your foundation. Spend minimal dollars on a few basic things and your opportunities to style in different ways on top of that are endless. See #2 below.

2. Mix and match with layers and accessories.

An added bonus to the basic foundation above is that any accessories or jackets you layer on top will instantly stand out. Whether we’re talking about a diamond necklace from Ritani or a scarf from Target, if you have a basic foundation, then most likely you’re pretty much guaranteed that any accessory or layer you add on will match.

Men’s Flatlay

Men’s Flatlay

This is genius I tell you for yet another reason: Accessories DON’T WEAR OUT! They don’t fade with washes, they don’t get ruined from spills. They take up little space. And what’s more, they typically go on major sale at certain stores throughout the year. Set this 1:3 spending rule for yourself: I will figure out how to buy a single shirt-price worth of accessories that can translate into three different looks. Boom, financial win. It’s that easy.

3. Always check the labels.

I completely stay away from anything that needs to be dry-cleaned. It’s just not worth it to me. I actually take it a step further and stay away from anything that needs to be ironed, because well, ain’t nobody got time for that. If you’re looking for money AND time savings, checking the labels is super important.

4. Shop out of season. Heck, shop out of style.

clothing layers for winter

I could care less if clothing is in season or not. Why? Because quite frankly guys, it’s not so much about the clothes as it is the person wearing them.

Let’s all get real here for a moment. Think about when you see fashion bloggers on Pinterest or Instagram. What about the pictures attract you to it? Is it 100% the clothes? Or is it the model’s hair, his or her fitness level, the camera angle, the lighting, a statement accessory? There are a number of factors that can take a look from being blah to wow, and it will always be more than just the clothing pieces themselves.

So with that, buy that’s-so-last-season clothes! They’re cheaper! Because guess what? You can make anything look attractive by adding additional layers like a blazer or accessories, and most importantly, you will strut into your office silently screaming that this look is yours to OWN.

5. Look for deals online.

Like most purchases in life, you can usually find work clothes cheaper if you shop around for them online. You can use price comparison tools to compare similar items from different stores. You can leverage online voucher sites to find coupons for money off products both in-store and online. Heck, you can go sign up for mailing lists or newsletters for your favorite retailers because they will give you a discount code. Don’t want spam mail? Who cares! You just got 25% off!

6. And lastly, wear what is provided.

I’ll save the best scenario for last, in that if you’re a uniformed worker, then you luck out and don’t have to buy wardrobes of clothes. Though many might argue this and say you wish you could wear what you want, how easy and cost-effective is it to wear the same things everyday?! Am I right? But even if you’re not a uniformed worker, many companies give out branded shirts, polos, socks, etc. for free. Why not wear them?? This means one less outfit where you can save the money to buy something else.

Make use of company-provided shirts

Make use of company-provided shirts

So there ya have it folks! I live by these rules every time I look for something new to wear. I honestly am a cheapskate when it comes to fashion and style. I buy everything at discount prices, and at most, once a year. Building a work wardrobe from scratch can be costly, but, hopefully, with these tips, you can save yourself some money as you start the new year with the new you!


How to Start Writing In Your Spare Time


When that inkling to write creeps into your heart and mind, that feeling never quite dies. You might graduate college and go a decade into your career, much like myself, but eventually that desire to create expressions through writing will be knocking harder and harder at your insides, so badly wanting to come out.

Let’s face it, writing is the product of SO much passion. When you love to read and create and get lost in an imaginary world, it’s only natural that your mind will often come up with characters and ideas, plots and twists. So whether you were a budding author as a child, or you were someone that just wanted to write features and stories and snippets from your life, you will still have that feeling until you put pen to paper. Or, perhaps more aptly, fingers to keyboard.

So, let’s say you ARE interested in writing in your spare time, maybe even with the intention of turning this into a career. Or selling a story. How do you do it and where do you even start?

First, Just Start

Right now! When you’ve finished reading this post, open up your laptop and just get writing. Brain dump is what I call it. Brain dump whatever it is on your mind and don’t worry a second about grammar or organization. Just let the creativity flow. Getting started is often the hardest part, so if you just do it, you’ve beaten that hurdle.

Set Aside The Time


You’re pumped, you’re motivated on Day 1, but then life takes over again on Day 4, and you stop. Ya’ll, clearly I’ve been mad guilty of this lately. Hence, why I’m writing this post. Find time to write by first determining what’s a doable amount of time to write each day (I did 20 minutes starting out), and then get real with yourself to determine what time of day your brain is most capable of doing this. Perhaps it’s the wee hours of the morning when the world is quiet and it’s just you and your coffee. Or maybe your lunch break when you need to vent about your day. Whenever it is, just schedule it in and make a habit of it. When you’ve got the time set aside for it, you will write.

Kick Into Routine-Mode

You know what they say about the number of days it takes to make a lifelong habit. Do it for those 21 days straight and guess what, writing just became a glorious part of your daily life. Consistency is key to make it big, they say. So make sure you’re being consistent. Again, I have epic-ally FAILED at this recently. Ergo, this is a seriously important reminder on how much you’re capable of achieving when you’re in a routine. AND, the more of a routine you get into with your writing, the easier and more natural it will become.

how to write

Take It Seriously!

Like no joke, if you wrote for 20 minutes a day, you are capable of being one hell of a good writer in a matter of months! Umm, hashtag bosscard! And then there may come a time where you feel ready to take this whole writing thing to another level! Maybe you want to look at online jobs from home where you can write to make money and then write in your spare time creatively too. Or, maybe you want to think about getting a pitch together for a book proposal? Umm, my dream! So keep up the consistency and things WILL get serious for you.

Go Big and Without a Care!

go big or go home

Do NOT over-analyze and be hard on yourself. That’s not why you’re writing. You’re writing because you LOVE IT. You’re writing because it’s a God-given TALENT. You’re writing because it releases feelings, emotions, and creativity that make you feel whole each day. THAT is why you’re writing. And when you remind yourself of that each day, you WILL be consistent. And what did we say above? When you stay consistent, you will get really damn good. And when that happens? The possibilities are endless my friend. Go BIG. You deserve to.

-Kristin Leigh

What is a Pinterest Community?

So glad you asked! This feature is literally just days old, right off the presses. (Off the presses - are we even allowed to still use that term? Sad!)

Ok so basically Pinterest Communities are like Facebook groups, BUT BETTER. Here’s why:

  1. You are joining a group where your feed is full of beautiful pictures of things YOU care about.

  2. You don’t have to sift through everything else you could care less about to get to what you ACTUALLY want to see. (Ahem, Facebook & Instagram)

  3. Bye-bye annoying political posts that we’re all sick of seeing. There’s a specific Community for that.

  4. Your phone will not be exploding with notifications about literally everything.

  5. You can create posts for the group using your own original content, OR you can simply PIN and share other content you love on Pinterest! (Yay, no work!)

  6. It’s like Instagram with the pretty pictures, but without the annoyance of fake accounts, follower/like obsessions, AND you don’t have to be the one posting everything, everyone can! (sigh of relief).

  7. It’s also better than Instagram because each post contains LINKSSSS! So you can access more information instantly. Praise the lord, hallelujah!

  8. There’s way more benefits, I’m literally only 8 hours into using it.

Ok so how do I SEARCH, JOIN, OR CREATE a Pinterest Community?

Literally, the easiest thing ever.

  1. First, open your phone’s Pinterest App. Look at the bottom center of your screen. Do you see a Community icon with a heart in the center like below? If not, all you need to do is update the app and then you’ll see it.

pinterest blogger

2. You have to first JOIN a community in order to be able to CREATE a community (if you so wish to create one).

SEARCH and JOIN communities by clicking that Community icon and inputting your search terms. Or, to make it easier, simply join these two communities right here:

Pinterest Community Search.jpg

3. Now that you’ve joined a Pinterest Community, you can CREATE a Pinterest community in one easy step (if you want to). See that + (plus) sign in the top right corner of my previous screenshot above? Click that to CREATE a new community. And then all you need to do is add three simple pieces of info - Community Name, Description, and a Cover Photo. Voila! You’re now the admin of your new Pinterest Community!

Create a Pinterest Community.png

4. Now that you’ve joined a couple communities, feel free to start sharing content! You can upload your own pics OR you can post from pics you’ve already pinned on Pinterest! (This feature is amazing because now YOU don’t always have to be the creator of the content).

Just click the “Write something” field, start writing, and if you want to upload a photo or Pin, just tap that section at the bottom of the screen. And boom, all your recent pins, or your phone’s camera pics, are right there for you to choose from.

Pinterest Community Post.png
Pinterest Community Post create.png
Pinterest Pins.png

And that’s it!! Make sure you join the Sneakers community I just created because I want to meet you and we can share our favorite new kicks!


Suits + Sneakers + Sunsets

Suits & Sneaks' smart casual attire for the end of your workweek.

Suits & Sneaks' smart casual attire for the end of your workweek.

Congratulations, you're approaching the end of your workweek.  And what better way to step out of the office and into a happy hour sunset than in your most comfortable and casual pair of suits and sneakers. 

Here, Brooks Brothers meets Ben Sherman.  It's my motto of offsetting at its best. The Brooks Brothers blazer is offset with a more casual Brooks Brothers tee.  BB's pants are then offset with a pair of white canvas sneakers by one of my favorite men's lines, Ben Sherman.

It's the perfect way to untuck your shirt, let loose a little, and still look like you owned the day.  Cheers gents.


Brooks Brothers suit with Ben Sherman sneakers

Brooks Brothers suit with Ben Sherman sneakers

Suits & Sneaks smart casual with Brooks Brothers and Ben Sherman

Suits & Sneaks smart casual with Brooks Brothers and Ben Sherman