My Best Advice For Employees Seeking That Next Role In Their Company

Hi All - This week we’re jumping right into a very important career topic for employees that might be seeking that next step in their company - whether it be a promotion or a new type of role. In this podcast there are a couple major takeaways I want you to understand that can make or break your competitiveness for this position…..and hint hint….most employees don’t realize this.

if you or anyone you know might be in this phase of their career, i.e. ready for a promotion or seeing a new job posting at your company and thinking you’d be perfect for it, stop what you’re doing and make sure you not only listen to this podcast, but also make sure you read this article I wrote on Internal Promotions: Why Some Employees Get Them And Why Others Don’t. These tips are money, don’t underestimate them.

And as always, thanks so much for following along. All I want is to help you be as successful as possible in your career and so that’s what I love to write and chat about here! Let the real you shine through from 9 to 5.

Make it a great week!