An Update On My Dog + #WhyIPutMyPhoneDown

Hi everyone. This was a really tough weekend, and because my dog means everything in the world to me, I wanted to share an update with you. Additionally, life is so precious and our bodies that carry us through life are so fragile. From Day One 13 years ago it’s always been my #1 priority to give my dog the absolute best, and that’s what I’ll continue to do for her every single day.

But for those of you who have dogs 10+ years old, did you realize that the first half of their lives you didn’t have a phone constantly in your hand? The first half of their lives was probably spent with your full attention on walks and at dog parks, right? Social media, phone internet and email, and apps weren’t out that long ago. Your dog might be looking at quite a different person now. Even though my dog has always been my #1, and it’s always been just me and her, I know for a fact she spent the second half of her life watching me constantly electronically connected to something else. And that’s even with me being cognizant of it and trying to avoid phones and laptops while in front of her as much as possible.

So with that, I stay off my phone when I’m with her. She waits for me, she looks to me, she lives for me, she’s everything to me. And that’s #whyiputmyphonedown when I get home every day.

How do you prioritize life?

On a related note, while we’re so busy chasing after goals and dreams, then beating ourselves up for not having reached them already, can we all just take a break and stop beating ourselves up over self-induced stressors? During the second half of this podcast, I share my opinion on what might really be happening when we spend too much time watching or listening to the motivational self-improvement speeches.

I’m sorry this one was a little sad, but it is my life at the moment, and that is what you’re supposed to share in a podcast right? #reallife

Thanks for following as always, and I’ll talk to you next week (fingers crossed with better news!)