"the real you is the best you"

-Kristin Leigh

kristin leigh aviate brand tampa hat

Hi, I'm Kristin.

Ten years into being a Corporate Auditor and one accident later, I finally decided to listen to myself.    

Every day I showed up to the corporate world not feeling entirely like myself.  Sure, I enjoyed the challenge.  I loved learning new things.  I presented regularly to very senior leaders.  And I was most certainly grateful for a steady paycheck.  But there was always a feeling of conflict inside of me each morning as I got ready for work.

Why can't I spend the next 10 hours of my day just being me?  I mean, can you imagine my productivity and the impact I could make if I could wear what I want, say what I want, and do what I want?  I felt this for years!

Then one weekend, I fell and tore a tendon in my foot and ankle.  I could barely walk.  Heels were no longer an option for me. 

That Monday I showed up to work with the dreaded turbo boot on one leg and a single running sneaker on the other.  I felt like an idiot.  Now even worse than before.  What the hell do I even wear with sneakers to work?  And worse, who is going to take me seriously at an executive level?

    It was only several drives to work later when it all came together inside my head.  With a burning passion inside of me plus an unfortunate orthopedic event, Suits & Sneaks was born with a single mission in mind:

Let the Real You shine through from 9 to 5.

-Kristin Leigh

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