Don Me Now, Please.

don me now

I am so excited to introduce you to the newest concept to hit the Downtown Tampa neighborhood, and it combines two of my favorite things – shopping and a champagne bar! 

Owners Danielle, Graham and their adorable pups Becks and Wailer, have opened up shop in the brand new Fitzgerald building with some of the hottest, unique, and most versatile women’s styles on the market.  

don me now bubbly barchique

Whether you choose to mosey around the clothing and accessories first, or instead head straight to the bar for a glass of champagne, either way, the experience is one of a kind.

don me now
don me now

They also have some of the cutest and unique jewelry. 

don me now shoes and accessories
don me now jewelry

Even chic stuffed toys for your dog – Chandog anyone?  Not to mention some adorable Tampa native styles.  Like who in Tampa could seriously pass up a shirt that says “I was the lightning before the thunder??”  I snagged that immediately and a totally boss TPA hat.  Check it out below.

tampa bay lightning
kristin leigh suits and sneaks

Ok now, let’s talk bubbles. 

I honestly never knew the variety in champagne, and I probably couldn’t ever repeat it to you, but there is quite the fun selection to choose from.  Sparkling whites, an assortment of Roses, Cavas, Proseccos, you name it. 

champagne popping bottles

I said, just surprise me!  So I first received the Perelada Cava Brut Rose and then the Piper Sonoma Brut Rose.  Oh my gosh, both were so refreshing and delicious.  And not to mention a beautiful pop of pink against their chic white counter made for the perfect photograph!  Go ahead and check out their menu and some scenes from the bubble bar below!

don me now bubbly barchique
don me now piper sonoma brut rose
don me now bubbly barchique menu

They even have a cute little bistro setup where you and a friend, or significant other, can sip your champagne while you watch life happen on the streets outside the window.  And don’t worry, you can bet Mr. Becks will be close by to make sure you’re well taken care of.

don me now becks

For me personally, I sat at the bar and chitchatted with the owners about what’s happening in the Channel District, sipped my rose, and casually glanced around the store for the next piece of clothing I wanted to try on.  And  then I basically went nuts over Becks and gave him belly rubs galore.

don me now channelside

I absolutely love the quaintness and intimacy of the setup because it can appeal to any type of customer. 

You can show up alone and feel part of the family.  You can show up with your significant other and grab a window table for two. 

You can show up with a girl friend or a group of friends and have a blast at the bubbly barchique. 

Or, you can grab your drinks and choose to get super comfy in their chic living room setup.  

don me now botique

But the kicker?  Nothing beats the sound of bottles popping throughout your shopping experience.  Let's be real, it will instantly put a smile on your face.  And don’t be surprised if you find yourself throwing out a little “Woo!” when you hear it.

popping and shopping

Are you ready to head over there now??  Don Me Now is open from 11am to 7pm Tues - Wed, to 8pm Thurs - Sat, and 12-4 on Sunday.  Your best bet is to grab the 2-hour free parking deal in Grand Central’s building right across the street.  Then pop on over and have a blast!  Woo!!

kristin leigh suits and sneaks

-Kristin Leigh, Suits & Sneaks