The Roadmap You Were Meant to Travel

WHAT. IS. UP. Y'ALLLL!  I am coming at you HOT in this blog post.  Why??  Because I feel ENERGIZED.  I feel HAPPY.  I feel FULFILLED.  I feel SUCCESSFUL.  And I'm seriously so stoked about the decision I recently made that I REALLY want to share it with you in hopes it can be of help to you in your own life.

 Find your dream career

Ok so, what happened?  

Well, after 10 years of working in corporate audit, I decided to make a massive career shift into corporate recruiting.  How nutso is that??  I'm going from being an auditor to, like, almost a sales person.  Total opposites right??  

What was I thinking?

For starters, I was TOTALLY thinking.  In fact, I was thinking a LOT.  Probably too much.  For months and months, I had dissected and analyzed my options, my resume, my LinkedIn job prospects.  Every. Which. Way. Till. Tuesday.  

I thought so much I couldn't think anymore.   I took personality quizzes.  I listened to podcasts.  I got other people's opinions.  But yikes, I invested 10 years of my life into being a CPA, so I was terrified that I'd be throwing it all away!  What would recruiters think of me if I suddenly left my career progression for something totally different?  Would they still contact me?  Would I still look competitive in case I needed to default back to accounting one day?  

Then a voice inside my head shouted...

Stop focusing on your contingency plan and for God's sake, just do what you were put on this earth to do!

Uhhh, yup.  Makes sense, voice.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't put on this earth to be an auditor forever.  Ok, I'm positive of that.  But I have bills to pay, and medical insurance is everything!  So how do I get from where I'm at, to where I'm supposed to be?  This next question was the start to how I answered it all...

A colleague recently asked me, what's the one thing you dream of doing in your career?

My response was, "I want to get in front of 1,000 people and Steve Jobs the shit out of a stage."  Ok, whoa.  Would you believe that for the first 80% of my life I was incredibly shy??  Like, hide in the bathrooms during lunch, shy.  And now I want to Steve Jobs the shit out of a stage??  Pshh, yeah.  Why??  Cause I so badly LOVE making a positive influence on people.  Especially when it comes to finding fulfillment in their careers.

So let's connect the dots...

First, a disclaimer.  It took WAY longer for me to figure this all out than the five minutes it's taking you to read this post.  I'm going to spare you from all that noise, and just cut to the chase to give you this piece of advice: Don't let the KNOWN of your COMFORT ZONE distract you from where you're trying to be.  Yes, I just originated that quote.  And it's true.  So where do you start?

Identify your dream job, or a dream milestone, then start to work backwards.

If you start where you're at now, you will stress yourself out trying to get from your known "present" to something you haven't even experienced yet. Simply said, if you want to live your dream life, then you better start focusing on your dream job!  But don't panic.  That's why I put this Roadmap exercise together for you.  This is the last thing I did that finally cleared the skies for me.  So grab paper, a pencil, an adult beverage if you so wish, and get to it!  And don't forget to comment below to let me know how it goes!